Our work is based on a theory of gender as a conceptual tool that has the ability to eradicate existing inequalities between men and women. Our interventions are complemented by socialization, emotional events, and cultures of peace that, through participatory activities, allow participants to learn and understand personal ways of relating to themselves and their environment.

This is an institutional process offering various different strategies for direct assistance:

  • Group processes of a re-educational nature for men who are willing to eradicate their violent behavior, through the Men Working (On Themselves) Program.
  • Individual therapeutic assistance services (for both men and women).
  • Community and institutional interventions (for mixed groups) designed to generate awareness and reflection through conferences, training, workshops, courses, certification programs, etc.

GENDES also offers the possibility of educating "agents of change." In this situation, the goal is to train and sensitize individuals who may then go on to transmit their newly acquired knowledge and skills to a large number of people around them.