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Mauro Antonio Vargas Urías studied sociology at the School of Political and Social Sciences at UNAM, and received a Master’s Degree in U.S. Studies from the University of the Americas at Puebla. He was trained in the facilitation of groups for the reeducation of male aggressors at CECEVIM (in San Francisco, CA), and received training as a Psychotherapist in the Humanist Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Mexico City.

He has developed his professional career in the areas of research and teaching, collaborating with various academic institutions and civil society organizations. In these spaces, he has applied research-action methodology to various social causes. Mauro’s work has brought him to participate in numerous events of exchange and forums of analysis which promote work with men from a gender-based perspective. In addition to serving as an advisor to various associations, he collaborates in intersectoral networks and bureaus working towards gender equality, in Mexico and abroad.

Mauro has specialized in the analysis of masculinities. He has written various books and articles published in scientific journals and specialized magazines. In 2014, the Interdisciplinary Center for Women’s Studies at the Michoacan University in San Nicolás de Hidalgo awarded him the “Simone de Beauvoir Recognition” for his contributions to humanistic, democratic, gender-based innovation and transformation in Mexico, he was also awarded by the Kering Foundation in 2018, recognizind GENDES as a social entrepreneurship to promote social changer towards gender justice.