Understand, analyze, and reflect on the theoretical and methodological framework of masculinities and issues of gender relationships in Mexico.

· Defining masculinity
· Overview of masculinities studies: What? Why?
· Patriarchal-hegemonic masculinities
· Masculinities in their dimensions of representation and practice
· Construction of gender identities in men
· Men: identity, intimacy, subjectivity, sexuality, reproduction, public and private spheres, work life, family life, tiime use, equity, women, and public policy
· The exercise of fatherhood
· Male sexualities and identities
· Masculinities in adolescence
· Masculinities and gender violence
· Dynamics of violence in men
· Explanations, experience, interventions, guidelines, and assistance and prevention protocols with men who exercise violence from the CECEVIM/GENDES model and others
· Alternatives to the hegemonic and patriarchal models of masculinity: working with men