The Network emerged in 2011 as a tool to support collaboration and the management of information and knowledge between people, organizations, and agencies that work or are related to the problem of gender violence and the reeducation of men who exercise violence. It is formed of participants from four countries, all committed to working with men: the United States (San Francisco and Atlanta), Mexico (DF, Puebla, and Sinaloa), Panama (Panama), and Uruguay (Montevideo and Maldonado). A group exists in each city.

This network provides a way to continue with group work that is carried out with men, either performed face-to-face or virtually. It also serves as a way to share information and frequently asked questions that arise in this line of work. Each year a national follow-up and strengthening meeting is held in Mexico to confer and collaborate, and every two years in this same venue there is an international meeting of the same variety. These meetings provide a forum for participants to share goals, achievements that they have logged, the number of related groups that exist, and their number of participants.